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Build Your Dreams with a Real Estate Degree 

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Getting your real estate degree is the first step in mastering the exciting world of property management.

Who would have thought that owning and selling land and buildings would evolve into a multi-billion dollar industry? An industry that is so strong that it became the backbone of the world’s economy.

When trouble hits the real estate market, it spreads like a virus and it can have some serious consequences. Just remember the economic crisis of 2008.

It all began with a few greedy bankers and some unpaid mortgage loans. It only shows the power of the real estate market and the fact that it will continue to provide lucrative and prosperous business opportunities in the future.

Of course, there is more to real estate than mortgage loans. Development, design, and financing of real estate projects is just the prelude to infrastructure planning and converting ideas from paper to real property.

Studying for your real estate degree will teach you all about land-use planning and an effort to promote efficient use of resources and more desirable environmental results. There is so much meticulous planning involved in infrastructural and real estate projects, and nothing is left to chance.

Everything must be regulated by real estate laws, a lot of building permissions need to be granted and feasibility studies of land development need to be approved. The projects need to be financed and monitored to meet plan deadlines.

It is a huge market that generates a lot of economic activity for many people, and a lot of business opportunities. Construction firms, banks, and insurance companies along with city administrators, lawyers and people who just want to buy new homes, all intertwine together in a web of real estate.

If you want to become an expert in an ever growing industry and contribute to the urban development of the nation, think about getting a real estate degree. If you have a vision of a housing project for new generations and enjoy constructing the landscape of the cities of the future, think about a career in real estate.

How to Get a Real Estate Degree

A bachelor’s degree in real estate usually takes four years to obtain. This is an area of academic studies that always evolves due to the nature of the real estate business, so programs and curriculum are constantly updated.

Students are introduced to the basics of real estate law, land-use planning, and environmental issues. Most bachelor’s degree programs teach students to perform real estate appraisals and valuation techniques.

Real estate
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They learn how to create market and feasibility studies as well as to put together financing packages. Project management and the basics of finance and business administration are also considered essential to the studies.

A typical curriculum includes topics like:

  • Real estate site analysis and design
  • Real estate laws and regulations
  • Real estate development project management
  • Public entitlement process
  • Market segmentation and analysis
  • Real estate finance

Marketing and finance courses are particularly valuable if you are interested in running a real estate company. A geology course might be included in the curriculum to help you understand how to assess the land.

A real estate degree studies begin with basic business studies such as finance, accounting, management, and consumer behavior. After mastering business basics, students move into real estate specific courses.

You will learn about sustainable development and land use economics. To be able to manage future projects, the knowledge of public policy, urban design and urban infill is essential.

Public-private partnerships and affordable housing projects are relatively new concepts created to facilitate the ever-growing need for home and shelters. You must learn where the public and private sector meet, and how they work together to complete urban development projects.

If you really want to dig deep into the complex world of real estate, you can learn about advanced financial analysis for commercial real estate. This will help you to understand construction costs and long-term projections for the profitability of construction projects.

The real estate law for developers will always come in handy, along with several other laws and regulations that you need to master.

To get your real estate degree and accomplish all this, you must choose a good school with a solid curriculum. To help you with this, we developed our college search tool.

You can use this tool to browse through the colleges across the nation, to find one that suits your interest. Take your time and choose carefully, as this is the decision that will affect the course of your future.

Many accredited schools offer online courses that enable you to get your online degree if you prefer this method of education. Traditional education has its advantages, but for people who prefer more freedom and flexibility, an online real estate degree will be a perfect choice.

What You Can Do with a Degree in Real Estate

Obtaining this degree opens a range of possibilities in this industry. People will always be buying and selling real estate, so the real estate agents and brokers are always in demand.

You might want to be a mortgage loan officer or a land development manager if you prefer working in a bank or a city administration. If you prefer construction and development, maybe a housing project manager or a land-use planner is a perfect job for you.

With your real estate degree, you may assist a real estate attorney in a law firm. Once you accumulate some experience you might try yourself as a real estate consultant or investment adviser.

Whether you become a building inspector or a land-use planner, a degree in real estate certainly offers a lot of career paths to consider. Make sure to study all of them before you decide which one to pursue.

Laying the Foundation

Once you master the depth and detail about how real estate markets work, you will have all the knowledge you need to prosper in the real estate market. By getting your real estate degree, you are just laying the foundation for your future as a professional.

Know that this is an industry that requires continuous learning and development.

It takes courage and determination to build their dreams.

Dream big and aim high, and get your real estate degree.

Interested in a degree in this field? Our College Search Tool makes it quick and easy to find a school offering what you are looking for. Give It A Try!

Colleges Offering Real Estate Degrees

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