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Becoming a Second Career Nurse

second career nurse
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I heard a new nurse among the current graduating class say “I just want to give something back”.

James is not your regular newcomer to the nursing career.

You can categorize James as one of the new group of non-conventional nurses who chose nursing as a career after spending many years in a different field.

Nursing is often referred to as the “feel good” career and this may be a major reason a number of people have been navigating towards this path.

Regarded as a “second career or second career nurse” brings a whole new perspective to patients well-being.

Instructors and supervisors often say second career nurses possess a strong work ethic and commitment to helping patients which makes it a plus to the profession in general. You can find these nurses from different world of work.

Quite a number of these people possess advanced degrees from various discipline but would rather pick up a stethoscope and wear those rubber-soled shoes than a job at Wall Streets.

These individuals chose to rather work in an environment where they make visible impacts on people. The contentment derived from the medical sector gives them immeasurable joy.

Maybe you consider getting back to the labor force, there are endless opportunities in the medical sector; hospitals, clinics, public health areas and outpatient programs.

A nursing career can also be built on working in research and technology or directly attending to patient needs or both. There are also opportunities in sports medicine, industrial medicine or rehabilitation sectors.

You can as well make a huge impact in the lives of new parents and their babies, families with chronic health challenges and the elderly who are in need of constant attention to remain with their loved ones.

There are unique areas as well where nurses can build a career, this is often with those who go through special training and acquire a college degree.

There aren’t many more satisfying careers like the nurse-midwives. They are blessed to bring in new lives into the world and those who help mothers cope with child illnesses.

Quite a number of second career nurses inculcate past career knowledge into the nursing program to make new discoveries.

A second career nurse with a previous degree in paralegal can help hospitals and medical facilities develop important policies which has positive effects on both the patients and medical staff.

A second career nurse with years of experience as a school teacher may help lecture parents and children on how to stay clear of terminal diseases and other illnesses.

The opportunities are endless for anyone who chooses nursing as a career.

For those who have taken up nursing as a second career, ensure to make findings and choose a path that gives you total satisfaction.

A second career maybe, but this could be what helps you through the rest of your life.

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