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20 Quick and Easy Ways To Make Someone Smile

20 Ways To Make Someone Smile
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Would you like to be the reason someone smiles today?

Maybe brighten up their day

What if I told you it wouldn’t cost you a cent to put a smile on a face today? Smiling being ordinarily infectious, you never know how many people may also get caught in the euphoria.

Below are the 20 quick and easy ways to do that,

1. Your partner at work might need some flowers, send them some.

2. A simple “you look good today,” appreciating a friend or colleague’s outfit could do the magic.

3. You could also invite that friend or colleague to lunch, watch how their faces light up.

4. Charity homes are set up to receive, and you can give something out.

5. Another quick way to make someone smile to tell them, “I miss you” today.

6. You could give your colleague a random call to say hi.

7. When you notice a person walking behind you, you can help them hold the door.

8. Randomly hug your partner.

9. Your friend’s answering machine might be a bit boring, spice it up by leaving a joke.

10. Another easy way to make someone smile is to appreciate them. You could appreciate your friend today by sending them a card informing them how glad you are to be their friend.

11. When on a train with no empty seats, you could give up yours for a stranger.

12. Another easy way to make someone smile is, when you are on a rainy day, you could share your umbrella with a stranger.

13. While shopping, call your friends and ask if they need anything.

14. An indoor picnic with your kids when it’s raining would have them buzzing.

15. Write love a letter to your lover and leave it where they can easily find it.

16. You could randomly send gifts such as chocolate, flowers, and maybe sex toys.

17. Randomly tell your kids how proud you are to be their parent.

18. You could tell a friend you recently thought of them.

19. If your partner usually does the cooking, you could make them a surprise meal.

20. Randomly telling your partner, ‘I love you’ also works.

What if I told you today that it takes 43 muscles to create a frown, but only 17 needed to smile. So tell me, why would you want to waste all that energy frowning when a smile is all you need. Apply these Quick and easy ways to make someone smile.

These are five amazing facts about smiling

1. A person smiling appears more attractive, sociable, trustworthy, and capable.

2. Endorphins are released when we smile, and this makes us feel better.

3. Women smile more than men.

4. Smiling is a natural ability we all are born with; it’s not taught.

5. A smile is a universal language of happiness.

Always remember, the simplest and least expensive method of looking good is simply smiling.

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